Thought for the Week- We Have let him down greatly

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Our world is a fascinating place with so many things to discover and learn about. Over the years the BBC have produced many thought provoking programmes which have revealed how the various inhabitants of the Animal Kingdom behave.

However new things are being discovered regularly about the creatures who share this world with us. Many people are fascinated about why certain animals behave in the way that they do.

However to most people the most fascinating of all the beings who live on our planet is the human being. And they often feel that the reason why we try and understand why human beings behave in the way they do, so that we can understand ourselves better.

One of the reasons why I think I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is so popular, is because it reveals a lot about human behaviour. Many viewers are quite intrigued by how these people are going to react to situations usually outwith their comfort zones. Personally I am rather uncomfortable about creatures living and dying for human entertainment – even if they are mainly insects. However there are others who feel that the programmes that it produces, justifies the loss. But does it?

Sometimes the viewers feel sorry for what the celebrities have to go through, but many other people are in desperate situations which are not of their own making. They are suffering because there are some human beings in the world who are only interested in using God’s gifts for their own selfish ends. God made human beings to be His greatest creation but sadly there are many times when humans have let Him down and disappointed Him greatly.