Thought for the Week- We have to smuch to learn

I wonder how many conversations most of us take part in during the course of a normal day?

What are most of our conversations about? Do we cover a variety of topics during the course of a typical conversation?

Do we prefer to have a conversation with just one other person – or do we like it better when several people are involved in the conversation?

Do we enjoy having conversations with people that we know well and feel comfortable with – or do we find it more interesting getting to know new people through the conversations that we hold with them?

What are the main reasons that we engage in conversations with other people? So that we can obtain factual information from them? So that we can learn more about certain people in order that we can understand them better? Or is it so that we can learn more about who we are, from discovering in what ways our own views differ from the opinions of others?

Good conversations need the participants to be effective at both speaking and listening. Good conversations come about when all the participants are genuinely interested in what the other people have to say.

One of the fascinating things about human beings is the fact that no two of them are exactly the same or have been through exactly the same experiences or hold exactly the same views on everything. We can always learn from other people and their life experiences. There is so much to learn about this wonderful world that God has given us as our home. Hopefully as we learn more about it – and its inhabitants – we can appreciate how precious everything is and how important it is for us to take good care of it all.