Thought for the week- We might not be superheroes but we can behave in a heroic way

One of the most popular genre of film these days seems to be the ‘superhero’ one.

Many young people – and not so young people – seem to enjoy seeing a whole range of what were originally comic book characters, springing to life on the big screen.

The small screen these days also has a number of superheroes on it as well. These shows tend to be about individuals who have some form of special power.

Usually the individuals concerned use their special powers in positive ways in order to defeat the negatives forces that are around. Basically this kind of entertainment is a modern reimagining of the longstanding battle between good and evil which lies at the heart of most stories ‘with a message.’

In these adventures Good always triumphs in the end – but usually at some cost to itself. These stories can reassure people that no matter what problems they are facing in their own lives, then it is possible to overcome them.

That if they have faith in themselves, coupled with the support of others, then they should be able to cope with whatever life chooses to confront them with. What super power would you like to have? I dare say that we would all like to have some of the super powers that these characters possess. But if we stop and think about it, we have to admit that human beings do possess special powers. We have intelligence. We have the ability to communicate with one another.

We have the capacity to love and be loved. We all have lots of God given talents which we can put to good use. While we might not be ‘super heroes’, we can behave in a heroic way and can do what we can to make other people’s lives better.