Thought for the Week- We only begin to understand the unique power of God

I wonder how many people you speak to in the course of a normal day?

A few, several, many, or too many to actual count. Of course it might depend on the day of the week.

Some people interact with more people on a weekday when they are at work.

Or than they do at the weekend when they choose to spend time with only a few people.

But it might well be the other way round for other people.

Of course there are many people that we see during the course of a day that we choose to have little or no communication with – such as people walking past us in the street or driving past us in their car.

When we live in a relatively small community, there will be a large number of people that we will perhaps nod to or say ‘Hello’ to that we do not know to any great extent.

Of course if we were to visit a big city we could well walk past hundreds of people that we might never see again.

The amazing thing though, is that all these people were created by a loving and caring God, who, unlike us, knows everything about each and every one of them. And who hopes that each and every one of them will get the most out of the lives that He has given then.

This means that God has unique powers that we can only begin to understand. But despite that, we often choose to bestow on God limited powers.

We make God conform to our restricted ideas of what we think He might be like, rather than realising that to be the Creator of all, He must be far greater and far more powerful than we sometimes think He is.