Thought for the Week- We should make time for God

It used to be the case that if you wanted to see a favourite TV programme, then you had to ensure that you were sitting near a television just before the programme was scheduled to start – or else you missed it completely, barring the occasional repeat.

Nowadays of course things are very different and people are able to watch television programmes in a variety of different ways.

People tend to organize their TV viewing round the rest of their lives – rather than their lives around their TV viewing! While this is obviously more convenient for people, does it mean that they value their television programmes rather less than they used to do, as they no longer have to make sacrifices in order to see their favourite shows? Or was television back then given a far greater prominence in some people’s lives than it should have had?

However there are still some programmes that some people want to see ‘as they happen’, such as sporting events and General Election results.

Some people bemoan the fact that church services still tend to be held at a particular time each week, which they claim do not always fit in with other things that they have to do in their lives. But when should church services be scheduled?

Obviously it would be impossible for churches to organize service times that would suit all their members.

However people can worship and give thanks to God at any time, in addition to that special time on a Sunday. One of the great joys of being at a church service is the opportunity of participating in worship alongside fellow believers. And anyway is it not important that believers should be making time for God rather than only giving him some of their spare time