Thought for the Week- What does it mean to trust somebody?

What does it mean to say you trust somebody? Do people trust someone else if they are prepared to ‘tell them as it is?’ Are those people we trust, people whom we are prepared to ‘let our guard down with’ such as family members, friends and professionals? People whom we feel will accept us as we truly are. There are some who basically trust most of the people they meet; while there are others who feel that people have to ‘earn their trust.’ Do such people also believe they have to earn the trust of other people? Perhaps someone’s attitude towards trust depends on how they have been treated in the past. If, generally speaking, people have been treated well then they might be more likely to trust others than if they have been let down.

When Jesus came into our world he promised people a great deal. Some trusted him and discovered their lives improved considerably. But sadly some others didn’t. Some took advantage of Jesus’s trust in them. But Jesus forgave them. Jesus is someone whom we can totally trust.