thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

This Sunday is rather a special day because as it’s the 14th of February it is Saint Valentine’s Day.

It is the day on which a great deal of money will have been spent – on Valentine cards, on meals out, on flowers, on boxes of chocolates, on various presents. Most people will give a gift to that “special someone” in their life to show them that they care about them.

Of course they will also endeavour to spend some time with them because for most people one of the most special gifts that you can be given is someone’s time. People also show that that they love someone by being prepared to make sacrifices for them.

This year Saint Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Sunday is the special day for Christians. It is the day of the week that they particularly focus on their faith. Christians believe that the God they worship is a God who loved the world and its people so much that he was prepared to make the huge sacrifice of coming into that world and laying down his life for the human beings who live here.

Love is a word that we often use. But unfortunately it is a word that we sometimes use in a rather casual way. However when we use it properly it can be the most special of words. If we truly love someone then we are prepared to make sacrifices for them so that they can be fully looked after and supported.