Thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

If you were asked what would be some of the most difficult things for you to do, I wonder what you would say.

Would they be things that you had attempted already and even although you had tried your best to achieve them, you were simply not able to? Or would they be things that you thought looked difficult? So much so, that you felt that it would be pointless to attempt them as you simply would not be able to do them. Now of course there are some things which we might find easier to do at different stages of our lives.

However are there not other things that we might find that we can achieve, anytime in our lives, if only we were prepared to make the effort? Are there not a whole host of things that we might discover are perhaps not quite as difficult for us to do as we imagine them to be? When Jesus was on earth he wanted the people he met to have a go at living the kind of life that God wanted them to live. He wanted people to try and please his Heavenly Father instead of mainly just pleasing themselves. Some people felt that what Jesus was asking them to do was too difficult and so did not even make an attempt at doing them. Instead they gave a lot of poor excuses as the reasons why they said they could not do what he asked. The thing is who knows what they might have achieved if they had only been prepared to make the effort.