Thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

Does it really matter where you worship God? Most people will say that they are most comfortable worshipping God in the same church building week by week.

The building that they have gone to for many years. Years in which they have seen some of the most important stages of a person’s life being marked by special services – such as baptisms, weddings and funerals. Indeed so comfortable are some people worshipping in a particular building, that it sometimes takes them quite a long time to ‘find a new church’ if for one reason or another they find themselves having to move to another part of the country. Each church building has a certain ambiance all of its own. Where there are some who are happier in a modern building, there are others who prefer to worship in an historic building. I have always felt that our historic churches are an important part of our heritage and really wish that money could be made more available by governments to maintain important historic church buildings. However I think that it can be beneficial for worshippers to occasionally visit unfamiliar church buildings, especially when they are on holiday, to have perhaps a slightly different worship experience. Recently I was delighted to lead a service by the harbour. Although this outdoor service, organised by the South Carrick Churches Together, happens only once a year, I find that it is always worthwhile participating in it. After all, while Jesus did preach and teach people indoors – it seems that most of his teaching took place out of doors. Does it really matter where you worship God? Surely you can worship him anywhere.