Thought for the week with rev. Ian McLachlan: Aid week helps to make lives better

When Jesus was carrying out his mission on the earth, he spent a large amount of his time preaching and teaching.

He also healed many people who asked for his help. By doing so, he gave them the chance of making their lives better. Jesus also urged his followers to do what they could to help other people. Being a Christian is not only about holding certain beliefs.

It is also about putting these beliefs into practice. This often means providing practical help for other people whenever possible. This week is Christian Aid Week. Christian Aid is a charity which helps disadvantaged people throughout the world. Christian Aid helps people in countries which are suddenly faced with disasters of various kinds. But it is also concerned with supporting long term projects. Christian Aid works in partnership with people locally who want to improve their lives.

Christian Aid is there to help give people the tools by which they can help themselves to achieve a better life. In recent times we have seen how some people’s lives can be radically changed for the worst in a short space of time because of some natural disaster.

However it is also the case that with the right help, sometimes people’s lives can be changed for the better in a relatively short space of time too. In many people’s lives there is often a time when they need a helping hand. A time when someone willing to lend some support, can make all the difference to them. Christian Aid helps different groups of people to get the help that they need, so that over time their quality of life can improve. However for that to happen usually these groups have to be prepared to work hard themselves.