Thought for the Week with Rev. Ian McLachlan - Palm Sunday is such a special day

This coming Sunday is a special day for Christians and it has a special name - Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is the day on which people remember just how popular Jesus was at the time when he came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Crowds of people welcomed him into their city.

They waved palm branches at him to show how pleased they were to see him. Many hoped that he might soon become their leader and free them from the power of the Romans. However if they thought that, then they had totally misunderstood Jesus and his mission. Jesus had not come to be a political leader for a short time. Rather he had come to offer a chance of having a better way of living. Jesus came into the world to redeem it.

Jesus had also come to get the people to think more deeply about spiritual matters. However sadly as the week wore on, things changed for Jesus and he ended up being nailed to a cross. So how had that happened?

Well it was mainly due to the selfishness of some people and the jealousy of others. Two negative traits within human beings which tend to really harm our world. Monday sees the beginning of Holy Week when Christians reflect on Jesus’ journey as he moved closer to his crucifixion. Jesus had to go through a lot of heartache and pain before the triumph of Easter morning.