Thought for the week with Rev Ian McLachlan - Special week for the Christian Church

This is a special week in the Christian Church as it is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It is the week on which all Christians are encouraged to concentrate on the beliefs that they share and on the various ways that they can work together in order to achieve the kind of society that Jesus would have approved of.

I think that it is highly unlikely that there will ever come a time when everybody will agree on everything. But then one of the things that God decided to do when he created the world was to make every human being in it unique. So there will always be matters that everyone will not totally agree on. However at the same time I feel that there are far more things that human beings in general will agree on.

I would say that most people would like to see a world which was at peace with itself. A world where its resources could be put to good use by concentrating on activities which enhance life. A world where every person had all their human rights respected and were given the opportunity of developing their talents as fully as possible.

Christianity has always been a religion which has expected its members not only to be concerned about their own personal religious lives but also to take an interest in making sure that the lives of their fellow earth inhabitants were as good as they could possibly be.

Christians might express their faith in different ways and in different buildings, but they all have a common goal and that is working towards a world in which God is given the proper respect that is his due and the planet and all its inhabitants are looked after properly.