Thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan - The stuff of dreams

How important to you are your dreams? By that I don’t mean the strange versions of reality that we experience when we are sleeping.

What I mean instead are the possible futures that we imagine ourselves living in. Most of us have lots of different dreams. Some of them might be slightly more achievable than others. We might dream that one day we will win a small amount of money. Or we might dream that sometime in the future we will be able to go on holiday to a particular country.

Or that we might be able to get a particular job that we always wanted. Dreams are important to us because they are something for us to direct our energies towards. If we had no dreams, then we would just accept things the way they are and not seek any improvements. When it comes to religion it is important for people to have dreams.

Religions usually ask their followers to try and help to create a better, fairer, more caring world than the one that exists at present. Now for that to happen it might prove to be very difficult. However unless people are willing to make an effort then life will never improve. If people do not have these dreams then they tend to just sit back and wait for other people to create the kind of world that they want.

There will always be groups of people wanting to turn their dreams into reality. One of the reasons why Jesus came into our world was to encourage people to work together to help create the best possible world. By his life and his example, Jesus showed the people of his day what they needed to do, to bring about a better world in the future.