Tutankhamun follows glory of Victoria

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One of ITV’s recent successes in the field of drama was Victoria starring Jenna Coleman, who had previously starred in Doctor Who as the companion Clara.

A second series has been commissioned but the first series finished last week.

So what will ITV put up against the BBC’s second series of the popular drama Poldark at nine o’clock on Sunday nights?

Well once again it is an historical epic and once again it concerns a real life story. However this new series only lasts for four episodes. It is set at the beginning of the twentieth century and tells of the struggles of Howard Carter (Max Irons) as he looks for the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun. Unfortunately things are not going well for the archaeologist at the beginning of the series. However all that is to change when he meets the flamboyant Lord Carnavon (Sam Neill).

The two of them strike up a rather unlikely business partnership which is to prove useful to Howard as excavating in the Valley of the Kings costs a lot of money.

Lord Carnavon however is willing to invest a great deal of money in the enterprise and to put his wealth at risk to try and ensure that Carter is successful.

This serial was filmed in South Africa a year ago.

While many people are intrigued by the thought of the search for buried treasure, whether this story can be sustained for four episodes remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see if this post watershed drama manages get the same size of audience that Victoria did or whether some of them are tempted over to channel 4 to see the new charity version of the game show The Crystal Maze – this time hosted by Stephen Merchant.

Ian K