TV Preview- A look back at Wogan’s chatshow

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Not many TV personalities get to host a peak time programme three nights a week, but from 1985 to 1992 Terry Wogan managed to do just that with his talk show.

This was not the first time Terry had hosted a talk show however, but this version of Wogan was the most successful. As a result of all these shows, Terry managed to interview a large number personalities who were famous in the 1980s. Starting this Monday at three o’clock in the afternoon on BBC2, Terry will be hosting a series of programmes which will be showcasing some of his most famous interviews.

Each of the 15 programmes in the series will be built round a different theme. Monday’s programme is called ‘Oscar Winners’ and will feature chats with Audrey Hepburn, Cher, Anne Bancroft, Gregory Peck, James Stewart, Gene Hackman and Mel Brooks.

On Tuesday the programme will feature some of the more unusual encounters Terry had and will include contributions from Nicholas Cage, George Best, David Icke, Macaulay Culkin, Boris Becker and Take That.

It will be interesting to see how much of the original interviews are shown in each case. While in one sense interviews do rather date; it is usually still interesting to hear what a famous person had to say at a particular point in their career, especially when like here, it was when they were very successful. One of the earliest British chat show hosts was the late Simon Dee, who interviewed many stars of the 1960s. Unfortunately for people who lived through or are fascinated by that period of time, very few of his TV interviews exist in the archives.

Fortunately by the time Wogan was made, his were kept, and can thankfully be seen and appreciated now.

Ian K