TV Preview- Atlantis is back on our screens

Jack Donnelly plays Jason in Atlantis.
Jack Donnelly plays Jason in Atlantis.

With Doctor Who having finished its first season of Peter Capaldi adventures, BBC 1 has decided to schedule a second series of Atlantis against ITV’s The X Factor.

This Saturday at eight thirty sees the first of thirteen new episodes being shown. The first series gained mixed reviews.

However this series should be better as it will be similar in tone to the most recent series of Doctor Who.

However while that series can move to different times and places each episode, Atlantis tends to be set mainly in the same place.

This means that episodes are unlikely to be as varied as Doctor Who.

For those who missed the first season, Atlantis is about a young man, Jason, who has been mysteriously transported from the present day to the fabled city of Atlantis.

He is trying to find his missing father. Unfortunately this ‘man out of time’ aspect of the format was rather played down in the first series.

While in Atlantis, Jason became friends with the amusing Hercules and the clever Pythagoras.

He also rather liked Ariadne who is the daughter of King Minos. Ariadne’s stepmother, Pasiphae is however eager to seize the throne. She is also Jason’s mother.

The new season begins one year on, and the King has died. Ariadne has become Queen.

However whether or not she can hold on to this position of power remains to be seen as this new season progresses.

New characters will be introduced as well as the return of past characters such as Medusa.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, Atlantis will produce some exciting television that the whole family can enjoy together.