TV Preview- Behind the scenes at University Challenge

One of the longest running programmes on British television is the quiz show University Challenge.

It was first screened on ITV in 1962 where the question master was Bamber Gascoigne.

It continued until 1987 when it was cancelled due to poor ratings. However in 1994 the quiz was revived, this time finding a new home on BBC2.

The job of question master was given to Jeremy Paxman. It has been running successfully there ever since. This Monday and Tuesday BBC2 will be screening two specials which will be looking behind the scenes to discover how the series is made.

The first programme is on Monday at half past seven, the second will be on Tuesday at eight o’clock. As the preparations for the new season get under way, over one hundred quiz teams from Universities and Colleges will be auditioned, to see if they will be suitable to be one of the twenty eight teams that will be needed for the new series which will find the University Challenge champion of 2015.

What is it that motivates the students to compete and how are the various team members chosen? What tests will the individuals and teams have to pass before they set foot on the studio floor? And what is it like to be questioned by the great Jeremy Paxman himself? Although sadly Jeremy has recently moved on from Newsnight, he will thankfully continue to host this series for the foreseeable future.

The questions on University Challenge tend to be amongst the most challenging on television and viewers at home are usually delighted when they get the correct answer before one of the teams do! Fans of the programme and anyone interested in how television is made, should very much enjoy both these programmes.

Ian K