TV Preview- Challenge is on with Emma

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There certainly seems to have been a renewed interest in game shows recently and on Saturday night on BBC1 at seven o’clock sees a new one in which members of the public are very much the stars.

This programme is partly general knowledge quiz and partly physical challenge. The programme has ten pairs of contestants competing for a valuable prize. One of the pair will be tackling a number of physical challenges with Reggie Yates in Morocco; while the other one will be answering general knowledge questions at Farnborough Airport with Emma Willis.

In the first programme, after being prized apart from their team member, the ten adventurous contestants will have to complete a helicopter jump. From there, they will be split into two teams.

These teams will have to build a raft and then race it across an expanse of water. The losing team members will then have to attempt the crossing of a canyon.

The three slowest will then return home where their companions will have to answer a series of general knowledge questions. The one with the lowest score will end up being out of the competition along with his/her adventurous companion. The remaining eighteen contestants will then return the following week to compete in more challenges. And so it goes on until there is an ultimate winner in the sixth and final week.

Over the course of the series viewers will get to know the contestants and will no doubt end up supporting the pair that they hope will end up winning. It is obvious that a great deal of effort has gone into the series especially the sequences in Morocco and it will be interesting to see whether or not the programme proves to be popular enough to merit a second series.