TV Preview- Fake or Fortune returns

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There are a number of popular detective programmes on television. These programmes feature a mystery to solve, with at least one detective uncovering clues and weighing up evidence until the solution is found.

This week sees the return of a detective series which deals with real life mysteries. And these mysteries have to do with whether a painting is worth lots of money – or not.

Sunday night at eight o’clock on BBC1, sees the return for its fourth series of the popular documentary programme Fake or Fortune?

Over the next four Sundays a different artist is featured and the question is whether a previously unknown painting was by the named artist or not? Many people dream of one day buying or being left some antique which will give them a fortune.

One of the attractions of The Antiques Roadshow for many people is seeing if the object that they have is now worth serious money.

Fiona Bruce, presents this series along with the art expert and historian, Philip Mould. Also there to help out is Dr Bendor Grosvenor. In the first episode Stephen Ames wants to know if the three paintings that he has inherited are truly ‘missing’ works of L.S. Lowry.

Lowry, who lived from 1887 to 1976, became famous for painting industrial landscapes of places like Pendlebury and Salford in the north of England. His works often featured a number of people beside terraced houses, coal mines and factories. Lowry is reputed to be one of the most copied artists and as a result of this, art experts tend to be somewhat sceptical when they learn of previously unknown works of his being discovered. So are these pictures by Lowry or not?