TV Preview- ITV’s thriller The Great Fire starts tonighbt

Charles Dance will star in ITV's new drama The Great Fire.
Charles Dance will star in ITV's new drama The Great Fire.
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For fourteen seasons one of the most popular drama series on ITV was London’s Burning.

Starting this Thursday night at nine o’clock, ITV are returning to the theme of London on fire with the first episode of a four part series. However this time the series is set in the past.

It is 1666 – the time of The Great Fire of London. Each of the four episodes is devoted to one of the days that the fire lasted for. This new series has been described as a ‘thriller,’ a ‘disaster movie’ and ‘a relationship drama’. It is also about two sets of brothers.

In the main scripted by the acclaimed novelist and ITN political editor Tom Bradbury, this an exciting new piece of post watershed historical fiction.

It centres around five main characters – Thomas Farriner (Andrew Buchan) the baker; his sister-in-law Sarah Farriner; King Charles II (Jack Huston); Charles’ Protector Lord Denton (Charles Dance) and the writer Samuel Pepys (Daniel Mays).

While the story is connected to real events there is quite a bit of fiction in there too. The hope is that viewers who enjoy the drama might go on and discover more from the history books.

This was a dangerous time to be a monarch as Charles’ father had been executed. Britain was then a republic for a short time but eventually it was decided to restore the monarchy with Charles’ elder son at its head.

Charles II has a reputation for being something of a ladies’ man and was very different to his brother James - who also has an important part to play in the serial.

There is a lot going on in this interesting drama which deals with both the intrigue at court and also with the difficult family life of Thomas Farriner.