TV Preview- Let’s see if the planet’s got talent

Warwick Davis
Warwick Davis

It seems as if our two main TV channels want to return to the 1960s and 70s where they often put very similar programmes up against each other.

Last week I mentioned the two singing competitions on Saturday nights at seven o’clock with Harry Hill’s Stars in Their Eyes competing for viewers against The Voice.

Now it seems as if the slot immediately before that one – the half hour from six thirty - also has two programmes which are similar, as both are basically clip shows.

Last week the BBC got in first with a collection of clips of people doing magic acts some of which were good while others were less so.

The show did reasonably well in the ratings. This week it has got ITV’s Planet’s Got Talent up against it.

This features clips of various performers from the various Got Talent series which have appeared all around the world. Over the coming six weeks viewers will have the opportunity of seeing acts which were first seen in places like Iceland, Brazil, China and Chile.

Like our own Britain’s Got Talent, some of these performances will be good while others will be less so. This series will be hosted by Warwick Davis who was recently the host of the revival of Celebrity Squares.

The first programme will include a dog who does back flips and a man who is able to put two hundred straws into his mouth at the same time.

It will be interesting to see how well the series does with the focus being on the actual acts themselves rather than on the competition or on the judges.

If it is successful, it makes one wonder if in the future there might be a home somewhere for all the different versions of Got Talent.