TV Preview: Paul O’Grady returns to teatime slot

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I was very pleased, if somewhat surprised, when I discovered that there was to be a new series of The Paul O’Grady Show.

I had thought when the last teatime series finished just under a year ago, that Paul was leaving that kind of programme behind to concentrate on making documentaries.

The Paul O’Grady Show has seen several incarnations over the years, including one shown later on in the evening.

However for me, the programme has always been at its best in the teatime slot where Paul can host a programme that the whole family can enjoy together. It is obvious that Paul really likes talking to his guests and they in turn also enjoy being on the show.

Members of the general public usually get involved somewhere along the line and invariably there are various items featuring animals – especially dogs.

The show often has some rather spectacular acts as well. It has to be said though that perhaps one of the best parts of the show is Paul just reading out and commenting on the letters (and sometimes presents!) that he has received from the viewers.

The Chase – the programme that it is replacing - has been on quite a lot recently what with its weekday shows and special editions – so I think that it is probably quite understandable that ITV has decided to rest it for a short time.

The Paul O’Grady Show is on five times a week at five o’clock on ITV. Monday’s edition should be particularly interesting as it features Christopher Eccleston who will be talking about his new four part thriller series - Safe House.

But I wonder if Paul will also get him to talk about his time in Doctor Who – which he starred in ten years ago!