TV Preview- Sir David Attenborough is back with a new series tonight

Sir David Attenborough will present Life Story starting this week.
Sir David Attenborough will present Life Story starting this week.

A new series presented by David Attenborough is always something to look forward to, and this Thursday evening at nine o’clock on BBC1 the first episode of Life Story will be shown.

In the course of six weeks Sir. David will be taking us through the various stages of life that most creatures have to go through.

The first episode deals with an animal’s first steps - those early days at the very beginning, which help to shape what kind of life that animal is going to have later on.

In the course of the first programme viewers will see a barnacle goose gosling as it leaves its nest some 400 feet above the ground to begin its journey into adulthood. But will it survive this experience? Viewers will also be shown a fascinating nursery pool in New Zealand where fur seals prepare themselves for their adult lives. Humpback whale calves are shown getting ready for what for them will be the start of a 3,000 mile migration.

And if you enjoy watching the animated meerkats before Coronation Street, then you should enjoy the real ones as they start on life’s journey.

The other programmes in the series will deal with - young animals as they grow up; what animals have to do to find a home; how animals gain power; how animals win a mate; and finally what being a parent entails.

For animals, the important thing for them is to create the next generation.

However not all the animals will make it through all six crucial steps, with there being sadly some casualties along the way.

This excellent series, shot in ultra-hi-definition, is full of stunning photography, wonderful narration and uplifting music. It will be shown again on Sunday afternoons on BBC1 from five to five.