TV preview- The Man Who Lives with Tigers

Giles Clark playing with Charlie the tiger.
Giles Clark playing with Charlie the tiger.

Most people when they decide to let an animal share their house with them tend to go for a dog or a cat.

However in three documentaries shown next week on BBC2 at eight o’clock on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, viewers will be introduced to Giles Clark – a man who decides to share his home with two Sumatran tiger cubs called Spot and Stripe.

Giles is responsible for these creatures at the Australia Zoo in Queensland. He is determined not only to preserve this endangered species – of which there are fewer than four hundred in the wild – but also to get the general public to care about their futures as well!

Helping him with his two house guests will be his wife, his eight year old son, his sixteen year old daughter and two family dogs.

He feels that all of them can help in the upbringing of these tiger cubs. Giles is of the opinion that Spot and Stripe will really benefit from being in such close contact with human beings during the first few months of their lives.

It will be interesting to discover how difficult it will be for the family to rear them and how the young people will feel about having such unusual family pets. It time of course the cubs will have to leave their human home and return to the zoo – how much of a difference will their adventure have made to them? Many natural history programmes deal with nature in the wild.

In this series we are seeing nature in a much more domesticated environment which might seem rather unusual to begin with. In many ways it seems almost like a real life version of the old Daktari series which featured a ‘big cat’ walking around Dr. Marsh Tracy’s house.

Ian K