TV Preview- Thunderbirds are Go!

Thunderbirds are go in new ITV series. Picture credit: ITV Picture desk
Thunderbirds are go in new ITV series. Picture credit: ITV Picture desk

Although Gerry Anderson produced many popular shows – some featuring puppets, others using actors – indisputably his most famous TV programme was Thunderbirds.

The original 32 episodes were first screened some 50 years ago, but have been repeated several times since then, as well as being available on DVD. Three film versions were made – two in the sixties and a live action one in 2004.

Many fans of the show have longed to see a new version of Thunderbirds return to television. After all, the Anderson show which followed it – Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - got a remake some time ago using CGI instead of puppets.

Unfortunately despite its high quality it was scheduled poorly and its audience numbers were disappointing. Now on Saturday at 5pm on ITV, the first two episodes of a new version of Thunderbirds are due to air at last. There are 24 other episodes that have been made, but it remains to be seen when and where they will be screened. Unlike new Captain Scarlet, this series is a mixture of live-action model sets and CGI animation. Many of the original characters appear in this new version – the five Tracy brothers, Brains, ‘The Hood’, Lady Penelope and Parker. David Graham who voiced Parker originally, is returning to his role.

As before, the series tells of the adventures of International Rescue and its team members as they thwart the diabolical schemes of The Hood and also set out to help people in difficulties.

It is a ‘reimagining’ of the original series, and it is hoped that it will be appreciated by a whole new audience as well as its original fans.

This is entertainment for the whole family and I for one think that bringing it back is simply FAB