TV Preview- Wonders of the Monsoon

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Sunday night is a time when during the autumn months families often gather around the main television set.

At present there are a number of good programmes competing for their attention.

This Sunday at eight o’clock on BBC2 there is another new show which is worthy of viewer consideration. It comes from the BBC’s Natural History Unit – an organisation which produces some of the best programmes that the BBC has to offer.

This series is set in that part of the world from the Himalayas to Northern Australia whose history has been very much shaped by the powerful monsoon winds. These winds continue to affect the lives of all the beings in that area – one which houses over half of the world’s human population. Every being in this part of the earth has had to learn to adapt to the cycles of the monsoon. In the course of the series, viewers will be given an opportunity of discovering some facts about some of the incredible creatures that live in this region – including the frill necked lizards, red leeches and the Bornean falconettes.

Viewers will also learn about some of the strange partnerships that have been forged between different creatures in order to aid their mutual survival. The series will also have a human dimension to it where the beliefs of the people who have lived in this place down through the centuries will be revealed. The series has stunning images of our planet, its wildlife and the impact of this incredible weather system on the earth. This five part series is narrated by the famous actor Colin Salmon. While the programme can be seen as a piece of educational television it’s also a celebration of the wonders of planet earth. Ian K