TV preview- X Factor is hotting up

This has been a rather interesting season of the X Factor so far. It seems that there has been much more emphasis placed on the singing ability of the contestants and rather less time spent on the more unusual performances.

The relationships between the judges seem rather more harmonious with fewer disagreements than we are used to.

Last Sunday’s episode decided who amongst the contestants had made it through ‘Boot Camp.’ This Sunday, starting from seven o’clock on ITV, the show will be featuring the ‘Six Chair Challenge’.

All the remaining contestants will once again perform for the Judges. From this large group there will only be six of each category who will be going through to the next stage - ‘Judges’ Houses.’

Each Mentor has to decide in turn whether or not to give each singer one of the six chairs or say goodbye to them. However as the chairs fill up, there is no guarantee that those who have been allocated a chair will get to keep it. Anyone on a chair can be replaced at any time until the last person in their category has sung. And it is even possible for someone who has previously lost their seat to be brought back again.

This is a relatively recent innovation and proved rather controversial last year.

It is known that in at least one of the categories it look rather a long time for the mentor to reach a final decision on their six. Most viewers will have already picked their favourites in each category and for them it will be interesting to see how many of them will make it through to the next stage in the competition. But the really big question is will Louis Walsh be making a return to the show?