Use your time well

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It’s about time that I talked about time.

No doubt you appreciated the extra hour that you had on Sunday when the clocks went back an hour.

Of course like many good things there is also a downside and that is that we will lose an hour next year when we return to British Summer Time.

That is unless, as was reported a few days ago, there is a move to stop these clock changes in Scotland.

For a long time there has been much debate on this subject.

I remember as a child feeling that there was something rather special about putting back the clock and somehow being given this special extra hour.

But then from a very early age I have always been fascinated by the concept of time and possibility of time travel.

Time is something that we talk a lot about. We sometimes complain that we simply don’t have enough time to do all the things that need to be done.

We sometimes complain that time goes too slowly - especially when we are engaged in doing something that does not really interest us.

On other occasions we complain that time is going too quickly – especially when we are on holiday!

Sometimes we seem to be wishing our lives away looking forward too much to a future special event that we have pencilled in our diary.

An event which we enjoy for a brief time before it becoming another part of our history.

But then we find some other occasion to ‘look forward to.’

But the fact is that when a day is over, it can’t be lived through again. Time is one of God’s great gifts.

He always wants us to use the time.

He has given us wisely and well.