Wayfarer Column- We learn from the mistakes made as a result of inexperience

We wander along the highways and bye ways of life looking for new experiences and we usually come across a lot of mystifying events.

These form the basis of tales which are passed along to the amusement and benefit of others.

Lack of experience often is the cause of events and we should heed and learn from them. One such occurrence happened in the history of the Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth which once contained a fort and was for some time used as a jail for Jacobite prisoners. Back in June 1691 while the Governor and some of the garrison were enjoying some free time on the mainland and the remaining garrison were helping to unload some supplies, the prisoners overpowered them and shut themselves inside the fort leaving the garrison to retreat to the mainland. The prisoners had plenty of supplies and were later joined by more Jacobites who helped them hold the island fortress for three years. Additional supplies were available from sympathizers on the mainland so they enjoyed a peaceful time until 1694 when they became bored with the situation, surrendered with all the honours of war and were allowed to leave for France. The prisoners were not violent criminals and in many cases their jailers were perhaps sympathetic to their cause so little thought seems to have been given to security. By taking over the fort the Jacobites had virtually imprisoned themselves and as they were being supplied by sympathizers ashore there was no expenditure on the Government to feed them. A win win situation for the government of the day.

Another unusual occurrence happened in the Scottish Cup Final of 1925 between Celtic and Dundee when Patsy Gallacher of Celtic raced into the Dundee penalty area, wedged the ball between his heels and surrounded by Dundee players somersaulted with the ball over the goal line. The Dundee players had no previous experience of this and did not know how to tackle Gallacher without perhaps incurring a penalty. The referee also had no knowledge of this ever happening before, there was nothing in the rules to disallow a goal, the ball had actually crossed the goal line so Celtic were awarded a goal. It’s a wonder that Kris Commons has not thought of incorporating this ploy into his repertoire, but there is no record of it ever having been repeated. Perhaps you can try it out yourself and see if it works and also whether the referee will allow it. See you next week.