We also learn about ourselves

Most of us enjoy hearing a good story. And most of us would say that we enjoy recounting a good story as well.

If something exciting happens to us then we are often eager to tell someone about it. The same is true if something not so great happens to us.

Most conversations contain a variety of stories about the various incidents that people have experienced in their lives. We do this because we rather like explaining to people what we have done with our time. Or perhaps if things have not been going that well for us we hope that other people might sympathise with us and tells us that things are not as bleak as we might think that they are.

I think that many people who watch talk shows do so because they are interested in hearing other people’s life stories. And sometimes people end up feeling that no matter how bad their lives might seem at any given time, then there are other people whose lives are much worse than theirs.

When I visit people in hospital I am often told that there are people in here who are ‘so much worse off than I am.’ God made each and every one of us as unique individuals. I have often felt that as we learn about other people and their life stories we begin to understand them and human beings a little better. And as we learn about other people we also learn about ourselves.