What’s on: Dyslexia Ayrshire meeting

Tam Baillie, currently Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People’s rights, is coming to a meeting with Dyslexia Ayrshire on Saturday 30th May at 10:30am in the McDonald Education Centre, University Hospital, Ayr.

Tam’s job is to help young people understand their rights. He helps them to speak out if they feel they are not getting a fair deal.

Tam’s team have already met with young people from Dyslexia Ayrshire and reported on what helps them as well as what they believe is inequality and unfairness in school, resulting in personal and educational disadvantage. He is attending himself because he wishes to hear from young people first-hand what works, what doesn’t, and why.

This meeting is for young people 5-18 yrs and their parents. Further details website, FB, or helpline 01292-443648/590789.