Whatever happened to ...

One of the things that TV enjoys is holding reunions. Sometimes this involves bringing together family members who have not seen one another for many years.

As a result programmes like Surprise, Surprise have become very popular. Sometimes it is about bringing back characters who were popular many years ago, to reappear in a new version of their programme. At present the BBC is working on bringing back a number of their TV comedy successes of the past. Sometimes these characters will be played by new actors, sometimes it is the original actors who return to their roles.

This Sunday evening at seven o’clock on ITV there is a one-off special called Where Are They Now? – The Reunions.

In it various people who used to be seen together are brought back together many years later. I am sure that many viewers are intrigued to discover what has actually happened to the people they used to enjoy watching on television, but whom they have not seen for some time. This programme will bring back together the cast of the popular lifeguard show– Baywatch.

It has perhaps been chosen for this honour as a new film of Baywatch is due to be released soon. The programme also features the cast of the Oxo family adverts. The family member whom everyone tends to remember best – the mother, played by the very popular Lynda Bellingham- is sadly no longer with us. The surviving cast do however play tribute to her. Also there will be a chance to discover what came next for two successful ‘boy bands’ – Musical Youth and East 17. Finally the programme will inform viewers what happened to the young cast of Bugsy Malone and Jerry Maguire. Ian K