Where do we start?

Jesus came into the world for many reasons including to teach people about God and about how God expected them to live the life that he had given them.

While he was on the earth Jesus used to preach to hundreds of people at a time. Jesus hoped that his words had an effect on all those who came to listen to him and that they would use what he had said to improve the way they lived their lives. But as well as being a preacher and a teacher, Jesus was also a healer. People sought Jesus out in order to ask him to make them better. In Jesus’ time if you had certain ailments, then it could often be very difficult to hold down a job and that person’s life was seriously restricted as a result. By healing someone, Jesus was able to give that individual a far better life.

The act of healing Jesus performed, not only made them feel better, it also gave them the chance of changing their whole life. Jesus did not only come to help groups, he also came to help individuals. There are many people in our world today who are suffering in a whole range of different ways. We can look at this and feel that there is so much to do – where do we start? We need to remember that Jesus helped many individuals, whether it was Bartimaeus, the centurion’s servant or Simon Peter’s mother-in-law. If we can make life better for someone, then we will have done something worthwhile.