Building work has started on a new car park in Barrhill.
Building work has started on a new car park in Barrhill.
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Building is underway on the construction of a car park for the village of Barrhill despite a number of objections from locals.

The plans were submitted by the Barrhill Community Interest Company last month to South Ayrshire Council in conjunction with Ailsa Horizons, a social enterprise and charity network based in Girvan.

The group originally withdrew its application in June for the proposed car park. The original application was a number of objections from residents of Barrhill.

However, it has now re-submitted the plans as a secondary application.

But the proposals have already seen 25 people voice their objection via the council’s planning website.

Many have raised concerns that this application is similar to the previously withdrawn one.

The proposals would see a ‘superstructure’ put in place near to the village community hall and school, which many feel would be an “unnecessary eyesore” to the village and would be out of touch with the current picturesque setting in Barrhill.

Locals have also raised concerns over the solar panels that will be installed with many expressing that this level of lighting will simply not be required for a small village.

Others have already submitted concerns about the height restrictions that will be in place in the car park which they feel could keep out legitimate vehicles wanting to use the community hall.

However, Louba Hodgkinson , Chair of the Barrhill Community Interest Company said: “I don’t really know why people are objecting to this car park. It seems to be the usual suspects.

“We are getting money from Scottish Power Renewables from the Markhill plans so it makes sense that we would use solar panels.

“The height restrictions will ensure that no-one who should not be there sets up in the car park. The nearby walkways can also be utilised by people which will bring tourism to the area.”

This week’s news confirms the Gazette’s story from June in which the Barrhill Community Interest Company said it would be re-submitting an application for the village car park with proposed changes.

The community interest company said the new application, which is now under consideration by South Ayrshire Council, would include changes to the barriers and the height restrictors at the car park.

This came soon after the interest company had withdrawn its application after 28 objections from local villagers.

These villagers are making their voice heard once again citing concerns over the proposed structure which still includes a walkway to nearby paths and solar panels.

In June a statement from Barrhill Memorial Hall Community Association said: “The car park is a welcome development for the village but the addition of a covered walkway and solar panels is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. It will be an eyesore in our village.”

However Louba Hodgkinson insisted then that the car park was going ahead and she is confident it will be given approval.