A Yes Scotland campaign has been launched in Girvan and South Carrick this week in conjunction with the SNP’s white paper on independence.

The event which was held at the Catholic Hall in Girvan’s Henrietta Street took place on Wednesday 27 November, the day after the SNP Government in Edinburgh revealed its long-awaited white paper for independence.

Around 20 people were in attendance most of whom supported a Yes vote next year, but there were also a few undecided voters who came along to listen.

Girvan and South Carrick Councillor Alec Oattes chaired the meeting, after a last minute apology from Adam Ingram MSP.

Councillor Oattes said afterwards: “I was delighted by the turnout and the speakers who after their contribution to the debate, very ably answered a wide variety of questions, from the floor.”

He welcomed three speakers to the event who were Bill Boyd from Yes Scotland, Alex Bell from Labour for Independence and Corri Wilson, who spoke for Women for Independence.

Each speaker spoke for around ten minutes on a wide range of issues.

Boyd lamented the fact that despite living in one of the richest countries in the world , there were foodbanks opening every three or four days in the UK.

And he dismissed arguments that an independent Scotland would be too wee, too poor and too stupid to go it alone.

Alex Bell explained why he feels that the Labour Party are no longer the same party they were and that they pander to the greed is good mentality of the South East of England.

He explained why only independence would offer Scotland a chance to get rid of the Trident weapons system at Faslane.

And Corri Wilson outlined the three values that would shape an independent Scotland; democracy, prosperity and fairness which in turn would see women getting more opportunities.

Mrs Wilson said that an independent Scotland would bring a fairer and more equal society.

The meeting was closed with Councillor Oattes reading a speech by David Hayman from the recent Radical for Independence conference in Glasgow.