Proposals that will see changes to the way grass is maintenanced in 12 locations across South Ayrshire have been agreed by councillors.

However, there will now be a consultation process within the relevant local communities to ensure they are happy with the recommendations for open spaces.

The proposals will be discussed with local community groups, schools and others interested in proposals in helping enhance their community.

Ten sites in Carrick have proposals to change their maintenance regimes at them and they are:

· Gardenrose Primary School – hedge and tree planting.

· Ladywell Road, Maybole – woodland planting.

· Dunlop Terrace, Maybole – litter picking only.

-Knockcushan Street,Girvan – hand strimming.

· Golf Course Road, Girvan – hand strimming.

· Encampment site, Girvan – wild flower areas.

· Tennis Courts, Ballantrae – litter picking only.

· The Clachan, Barr – possibility to introduce sheep in this fenced off area.

· Community Centre, Pinwherry – wildflower area.

· Kirkoswald Cemetery – hand strimming.

At a full council meeting on Thursday Councillor John McDowall, who brought forward the paper regarding maintenance on grass slopes greater than 35 degrees joked that he was looking forward to meeting his new constitutents in Barr.

On a more serious note, the Girvan and South Carrick member said that the safety of council workers was upmost in the mind when making these proposals.

He said: “The safety of people maintaining our green spaces is uppermost in our mind, so we had to find an alternative way of maintaining these sites that would be safe and sustainable, while keeping local areas clean and attractive.

“Working with communities on these sites, sharing ideas, taking decisions together and maintaining areas in an approppriate manner. I’m very pleased constructive dialogue has brought about a common sense solution that will benefit our local communities.”

The proposals to discuss alternative maintenance regimes have been on going since September last year when a paper was put forward to the Leadership Panel.

Now, these proposals hope to find a final solution.