100 years of Maybole Brownies

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Nearly 100 Rainbow Brownies, Brownies, Guides and Leaders joined together from throughout Carrick to celebrate 100 years of Brownies in Maybole Town Hall.

The Brownies arrived first for the Big Brownie Birthday Party and had a traditional birthday party in the morning. They were joined in the afternoon by the Rainbow Brownies and Guides when they all enjoyed a Craft Afternoon. Everyone decorated bags, treasure chests and photograph frames with every child getting their own photograph for their frame. No party is complete without a birthday cake and Senga Mason, Brown Owl of the 1st Maybole Brownies was given the honour to cut the cake which had 100 stars to mark every year Brownies have been held.

After the campfire everyone renewed their promise with Brownies from Colmonell and Pinwherry and Girvan making their Promise for the first time together with Marion Hutchison, Leader of 1st Maybole Guides.

Lorraine Wood Girvan Guides received her five year service award and Lorna Thomson also received her Adult Leader qualification.

Everyone received a specially designed badge which was designed by Zoe McKinnon from Colmonell.