£100k funding boost for Girvan pool plan

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The plans for a new community swimming pool for Girvan have received a major funding boost this week from local windfarms.

The Hadyard Hill Community Benefit fund awarded South Carrick Community Leisure £100,000 towards their plans for the new facility.

The total committed funding now stands at £4.6m in a project which is set to cost just over £5m and the group is waiting to hear back from Sport Scotland which if successful would see the whole funding package in place.

Andrew Sinclair, chair of SCCL said: “I am delighted by this award which brings the community fundraising to more than £350,000 and is nearly the last piece of our overall funding jigsaw.

“By making this award the Board of Directors of Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund have given a huge vote of confidence in the project and has really gotten 2015 off to a great start. We’re only waiting to hear back from sportscotland for the full funding package to be in place. This is great news.”

Council leader Bill McIntosh commented: “The new leisure and community facility has always been a partnership project. I am delighted our partners, South Carrick Community Leisure, have played such an important part by raising this latest £100,000, bringing the community contribution to £350,000.

“My congratulations and thanks to them for their commitment to this project.”

The new leisure and community facility is scheduled to open in late 2016 and will include a 25-metre pool, a two storey children’s soft play area, fitness gym, flexible multi−purpose studios which can be used for dance classes, arts and culture and community events and a viewing and cafe area.

Mr Sinclair concluded: “As a community Girvan has lobbied hard for this new facility and despite the ups and downs over the last couple of years I am more than ever confident that we will see a start to building works late this year. Indeed, much of our efforts in the immediate future are being directed towards getting the Board and the community in the right place to take on the running of the new building when complete. It’s an exciting prospect for Girvan.”

The latest funding award from the Hadyard Hill community benefit fund comes on funding awards handed out in the latter half of 2014 to South Carrick Community Leisure.

Carrick Futures, which administers funds from local windfarms, awarded the group £250,000 over a three year period whilst the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital GrantFund also awarded the group £250,000 in November.

The old Girvan pool was controversially closed by South Ayrshire in 2009, meaning residents will have waited seven years for a new pool by the time the new facility is opened in 2016.