10th festival of light and bonfire night in Girvan

This Saturday (November 2) is the tenth Festival of Light and lantern parade in Girvan.

Ten years old this year the Lantern Festival attracts up to 400 lantern makers, 7000 willow rods 3500 metres of masking tape and workshops running from Dunure in the north to Barrhill in the south.

Ten years of lantern making in Carrick, 10 years of the largest annual community arts project in the south west of Scotland and 10 years of dragons and rocket ships.

The carousel spins and in 2013 CRAG will celebrate the seaside fairgrounds of the past, helter-skelter and the fairground carousels, dodgems and sideshows will come to life in a parade of light and sound the like of which has never been seen in the west, transforming Girvan and its shorefront for one night only into a fairground extravaganza with music, light ,and lanterns.

On Saturday at 6.10pm the lanterns are lit at the Glendoune Centre, Piedmont Road, Girvan.

At 6.30pm the Lantern Procession starts at the Glendoune Centre and at 7pm there is the Carnivals and Carousels Finale Performance in Louisa Drive Shorefront in Girvan.

At 7.30pm there is the fireworks display by Girvan Attractions at Louisa Drive Shorefront, Girvan.