1200 sign Maybole bank petition

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Local MP Corri Wilson has expressed her anger over Lloyd’s Banking Group’s handling of the closure of the Bank of Scotland branch in Maybole on 15 June 2016.

Ms Wilson has been seeking answers on the decision since it was announced at the start of February, and today handed over a 1,200 signature petition from the local community asking the partly state-owned bank to reconsider the closure.

At a meeting with officials from the bank it emerged that the decision had been taken with no consultation and no analysis of the impact it would have on the local community. Furthermore, calls for assurances on the future of other branches in the area went unanswered.

Speaking after the meeting, Ms Wilson said: “I am staggered by the disregard shown to the people of Maybole and the surrounding area by Lloyds Banking Group.

“This closure leaves the town without a bank and it seems the only concern to Lloyds has been how quickly they can shut up shop and leave.

“The initial correspondence informing me of the closure stated that consideration of the impact on the local community had been taken into account, but when pressed for evidence of this today, it emerged that this had not in fact been done. The bank state that 85% of branch customers also use online or telephone banking, but it seems you only have to check your account online once to qualify as someone who doesn’t really need a local branch.

“This is a serious loss of a valuable local facility that will penalise the poor, the elderly and the disabled, and it is clear that the people who have taken this decision have never even set foot in the town, let alone given recognition to the impact of their decision. The way Lloyds have conducted themselves on this issue has been a disgrace, and I have no intention of letting them off the hook.

“I will continue pressing for them to reconsider this decision right up until the day the doors close.”

Bank of Scotland owners, Lloyds Banking Group, says it has seen decreasing transactions at the branch.

Figures Lloyds have released say 27 customers (personal and business) use the Maybole branch on a regular weekly basis.

The company say there are no compulsory redundancies and the four staff have relocated.

A Bank of Scotland spokesperson said: “We have made the decision to close our Maybole branch in June. This is because of the changing way customers choose to bank with us, which has resulted in customers using it less often.”