2 Pins group calling for rail survey to be filled in

The 2 Pins Group have sent out survey forms to all residents in Pinwherry and Colmonell asking for their views on the potential for a rail halt stop in Pinwherry.

The halt would be at the site of the new 2 Pins community centre where there would be ample parking and toilets.

If you have not received a form or need another copy, contact 2 Pins Chairman Peter Walker at KA26 ORP.

The survey is being conducted in partnership with SAYLSA which it is hoped will lead on to a Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance survey. The appraisal process requires that projects are objective led and appraised. Projects need to demonstrate that they are based on an assessment of transport objectives and that they address present and future problems. Options need to be developed and tested against these objectives and problems.

The communities need to prove the need, so every form completed is important to plans going forward.