A safe haven

work continues at pace for one Carrick community as residents bring their harbour up to scratch.

Maidens Harbour Trust has been working hard to restore the quayside and it is working on widening the channel to improve access.

Trust secretary, David McGettigan is extremely proud of work carried out so far by volunteers who’ve given freely of their time.

He said: “Last year we outlined the improvements we were intending to make at Maidens Harbour by the addition of pontoon walkways, a greatly extended slipway, which will let smaller boats reach shore without a tramp through the mud and lately the complete refurbishment of the steps leading to the pontoons with a timber-clad platform from which the local kids will no doubt swim off. All these jobs, plus better lighting and power supplies, have now been completed.”

As the main work at the harbour takes shape, the Trust members have not rested on their laurels and are now working to improve the asthetics of the haven.

Said David: “This year, with the main structural infrastructure taking shape, we intend to concentrate on the amenities and scenic aspects by tidying up the harbour approaches and installing viewing and picnic facilities for the public.

“All this work and more to come, plus the constant need to keep the channels dredged, has only been made possible by a lot of hard work by our unpaid volunteers.”

In the meantime the never-ending job of dredging and keeping the channel cleared goes on whenever the tides allow.

And the Trust has had to use its initative to make the most of aging equipment to clear the tonnes of sand dredged from the harbour bottom.

In fact, visitors may have spotted a couple of ‘munroes’ appear along the village’s coastline.

David added: “We have found that with the ageing plant we have, the most efficient way to do this is to build up ‘mountains’ of the sand on one day and once this has drained for a day or so it can more easily be trucked away.”