A trip down memory lane

an AYRSHIRE author has produced a book filled with old images of Girvan.

Dane Love complied and produced ‘A look back at Girvan’ filled with images

throughout the town’s history, with some he believes won’t have been seen before.

Speaking about the book, Dane said: “The changes taking place in Girvan over the years have meant that much of the heritage and history of the town has been lost, and in many cases almost forgotten.

“This little book takes a fond look back at the town and its parish, with a variety of old pictures and views of streets and places.

“Not everything has been lost, fortunately, and Girvanites will find much of interest within, sparking conversations and igniting various memories of the old town.

“I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this look back at Girvan, and perhaps discovering something that you weren’t aware of.”

Some of the images used in the books were discovered in a Kilmarnock shop attic as it was being refurbished and Dane believes that not many people would have seen them - or even be given the chance to.

He added: “A number of old glass negatives were discovered in a shop in Kimarnock and the person who found them was told to throw them away.

“Thankfully they didn’t and took them to the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock. The staff there believed they were older than any picture that they had.

“There were four of Girvan given to me as they knew I have a keen interest in history in Ayrshire.

“I was already working on the book when I was given the glass negatives and they were ideal for it.

“I started working on the book last September when I realised there was nothing really available on the town. A gap was there and plenty of contacts made it possible.”

Dane is the author of numerous books on Scotland in general and on Ayrshire in particular.

He was born in Cumnock but now lives in the countryside near Auchinleck. He is descended from Robin Love, who fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie at the battles of Prestonpans and Culloden.

A member of Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, he is also the Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. He works as a Principal Teacher at Irvine Royal Academy.

Copies of the book can be found in The Sweetie Shop and at Woodland Farm Shop, as well as Waterstones in Ayr. The book can also be purchased online at www.carnpublishing.com.

And look out in the Gazette for your chance to a win a copy of Dane’s book later this month.