A wormy mystery in Girvan

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A GIRVAN gardener has unearthed what could be an agricultural mystery beneath our feet.

Normally British gardens are full of worms. However Ben Lupi said he had only found one worm in his garden over the past two and a half years, but had now come across a New Zealand flatworm in soil in the town’s Rodney Drive.

Mr Lupi now wonders if the two are connected as the New Zealand species eat the British worms, and said he planned to notify the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) of his findings.

“In two and a half years I have only found one worm when digging in the garden in Girvan, but I’ve just found a New Zealand flatworm and they eat the traditional British worm.

“I keep wondering why, every time I dig the borders, that there are no worms. Worms keep the soil irradiated but when there’s nothing airing the soil it just compacts. I’ve asked some of the neighbours and they often say it’s strange, we don’t see any worms.”

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