A77 in Maybole to be shut over the weekend

The A77 trunk road is set to be closed from Friday 4th July until the early hours of Monday 7th July as the demolition of the old Co-Op continues.

The A77 trunk road in the town will be shut from 20.00 hours on Friday 4th July until approximately 6am on Monday 7th July.

A decision to close the road was taken in light of further problems with the roof at the old Co-Op building at 19-25 Whitehall in Maybole.

The building has been in the process of getting demolished after being deemed dangerous but there has been further detoriation of the roof structure at the part of the building that fronts onto the A77 at Whitehall.

A site visit was made on Wednesday 25th June which was attended by the contractor and Tran Serv Scotland and it was concluded that in the interests of public safety the removal of the roof will require a temporary closure of the A77.

The main issue is the lack of tie members remaining and how this will affect the removal of this section of roof in a safe manner. It had been initally considered that the roof could be taken down from the rear area of the site without a requirement for a road closure.

It has therefore become necessary to arrange for a closure of the road, creating a diversion for north and south bound traffic.

The total road closure between the A77 in Maybole and the A719 in Turnberry will be 7.3 miles.

The diversion for northbound traffic is: Closure of A77 at Junction with A719 Turnberry – turn left to A719 – continue Northbound to A719 Dunure Road Ayr - continue to junction with Greenfield Avenue – turn right to Greenfield Avenue - continue to junction with B7024 - turn right to Alloway B7024 –continue to junction with Murdochs Lone - turn left to Murdochs Lone – continue to junction with Doonholm Road – turn right to Doonholm Road – continue to Corton Junction rejoin A77 Northbound.

And for Southbound traffic it is: Closure of A77 at Maybole Cross - junction of St Cuthbert’s Road B7023 – turn left to St Cuthbert’s Road B7023 – continue Crosshill Road B7023 – at Crosshill turn right onto Dailly Road B741 – continue on B741 to Dailly – take C30 to Old Dailly - take B734 - continue to Bridgemill Roundabout Girvan to rejoin A77.