Above average New Year rain for Carrick

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DESPITE Carrick’s December rainfall failing to make the record books, January’s wet weather was well above average.

According to Ballantrae weather watcher George Watt, the South Carrick village received 208mm of rain in the first month of the year – more than 50mm higher than the 17-year average of 157mm.

And Carrick was not out of tune with the rest of the country, with Scotland deluged by 97 per cent of its normal rainfall during the inaugural four weeks of 2013.

While the month started mild, it became noticeably colder around January 10 although, where some parts of the UK were already experiencing snowfall, Ballantrae did not receive any snow until January 22.

Melting snow around a week later, however, was already contributing to the area’s soggy weather.

The highest temperature recorded by Mr Watt was on January 29 at 11.5 degrees Celsius, while the lowest – minus 3.3 degrees – was recorded early on January 20 and 24.

The mean temperature for the month was 4.2 degrees, a little below the 12-year average but warmer than in 2010.