Action group formed by angry Turnberry residents

FURIOUS Turnberry residents are up in arms over the sewage works at the entrance to the village running into problems once more.

Residents are so angry that a group of them are getting together to form an Action Group.

At the moment there is a problem with the pumping station as well as a blockage in the line that carries the sewage along the shore to Girvan. It is thought that gravel has managed to find its way into the line when a new pipe was connected up to the system recently, causing the pipe to block.

For the time being tankers are working in a convoy system with the sewage being pumped into them at the site in Turnberry before being driven along the A77 to empty their load at the Girvan pumping station.

The contractors for the pumping station, George Leslie, brought in some larger pumps to try and force the blockage clear, but all attempts to do so failed.

When asked to comment on the problems a spokesperson for George Leslie Ltd said that they could not comment on the problems as all information about the station had to come from Scottish Water.

Scottish Water issued a statement saying: "Scottish Water is aware of the ongoing problems with this facility, which was built in order to improve the waste water facilities in Turnberry.

The pumping station is still under the ownership of the contractor as it has not yet been formally adopted by Scottish Water. We are waiting for a variety of snagging issues with the pump to be resolved before it passes ownership.

The contractor is taking the issue extremely seriously and is working to have these issues resolved as quickly as possible.

The contractor has kept Scottish Water and SEPA fully informed of the situation."

The problem was found during one of SEPA's weekly inspections on the sea water when they found traces of sewage in the sea at Turnberry. SEPA traced the problem to the pumping station at Turnberry and ordered immediate action to be taken.

David Wilbraham of SEPA told the Carrick Gazette: "I am sure that no one would have liked this situation to have continued, so we immediately ordered the sewage to be taken by tanker to Girvan."

With the station collecting sewage from Kirkoswald, Maidens, Turnberry Hotel as well as Turnberry village, and with new pumps having to come from Germany it could be a long running problem for the residents.

David Auld who owns the house right beside the station which he runs as a Bed & Breakfast business told the Carrick Gazette: "This is very detrimental to my business, with the noise of the lorries going in and out all day. The smell is truly awful as well, and during the recent Seniors Open Golf Tournament the smell was atrocious."

There have been long running problems with this system, and it must be a nightmare for the people living anywhere near the station at the moment. We can only hope that everything gets resolved sooner rather than later for everybody's sake.