Action promised on poor state of roads

Action to tackle the poor state of some of the roads in South Ayrshire has been promised after complaints from a Barrhill businessman.

Photographer Tog Porter wrote to South Ayrshire Council to register his frustration in regard to road surfaces.

Mr Porter said he had reported potholes on the A714 on three occasions this year (January, February, and March) using the council’s website but nothing had changed.

He said: “I am sure you must be aware that the state of our roads in general is appalling. Many roads have potholes that are left unrepaired for months on end, and often when a repair is eventually carried out it is done so poorly that the hole is empty once again very quickly.

“I have seen contractors fill a hole from the back of a pickup truck and then drive over it with the truck in an attempt to press the filling down. I was told last week of a man who saw somebody jumping on the filling to tamp it down. This of course is inadequate and a waste of public money, as repairs should be carried out to create a permanent smooth surface, thereby preventing the need to return and repair the same hole time and time again.

“The A714 is a road shared with Dumfriesshire and the road condition across the county border is far superior to that on the SAC section. Perhaps a visit to Dumfriesshire roads department to find out how they manage to keep the road in good repair would not go amiss.

“When South Ayrshire roads merged with East Ayrshire roads we were told that we would get a better service as a result. This has not happened. The roads in the past year have been even worse than before. I live in Barrhill and wherever possible I go to Newton Stewart for shops and services simply because of the condition of the road to Girvan, and I am not the only one.

“What must visitors think when they come here in the Summer? The most memorable part of their holiday could well be the South Ayrshire roads, especially if they fall foul of a pothole and damage their car.”

Councillor Alec Clark said: “This is the top issue in my day to day casebook as I am sure it is for other councillors. I do constantly push for action not only on the A714 but on all of the rural roads which are so important to serve our rural economy and all who live and work here as well as all who visit this area of Scotland.

“Given that the A714 is a priority route through D&G and connecting through to Ayrshire, I will certainly push the concerns that you highlight at this Friday`s meeting of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance Shared Services Committee.”

Councillor Alec Oattes said: “This is a long running issue, which is brought to my attention at every Community Council and at other community meetings.

“The problems you articulated were highlighted at a recent Carrick Community Council meeting.

“At this meeting we were assured there is a five year plan with £10 Million extra being allocated to improve the current unacceptable situation, given the current state of the nations finances, I am encouraged and hopeful this might help to alleviate the problems you highlight.”