Adults are on course

Fifteen volunteers who took part in a ten-week training course helping them to support adults with literacy problems, have been awarded certificates at a celebration evening in South Ayrshire Council’s Learning Shop.

The volunteers learned key skills in helping people read, write, spell, count and use computers in their everyday lives and are now qualified as adult literacy tutors, enabling them to make learning materials, structure learning sessions and assess the progress of the people they work with.

Linda Muir, Literacies Manager at the Learning Shop said: “Our volunteers willingly give their time to support vulnerable adults wanting to develop confidence and skills in reading, writing, calculating and basic computing.

The volunteers were; Lisa Donaldson, Kathleen Bell, Angelica Audino, Bryce Hartshorn, Linda Chatham, Alex Henderson, Brian Callan, Laura Clews, Linda Paterson, Pauline McLaughlan, Maureen Brown, Carol Dillon, Fiona McCormack, Ella Nelson and Jonathan Borland.