Alec to stand as independent

GIRVAN’S community council chairman, Alec Clark, has announced he is to leave the Labour Party and stand in next year’s council elections as an independent.

Mr Clark, who owns the Sweetie Shop in Girvan’s Dalrymple Street and has been a community councillor in the town for the past 10 years, said that, if elected, he would better serve the interests of the people of the area as an independent, rather than a Labour man.

Mr Clark told the Carrick Gazette this week that he has resigned from the Girvan branch of the Labour Party and rescinded his membership.

He said: “Each party has policies which are good for the people of Girvan and south Carrick, but I feel sometimes, that if one party has a good policy, councillors of other parties don’t back it because of political allegiances.

“I wouldn’t be able to vote for something that would go against the people who elected me. For this level, at local government, I feel it is important to take decisions solely on what I think is good for Girvan and south Carrick. I look back with some pride on what we have achieved in 10 years at the community council.

“This is what made me think of the independent factor. When SOuth Ayrshire Council planned to close the swimming pool here, if it hadn’t been for the pressure put on the council by people marching and public meetings, the council could have simply drawn out of here. Whereas now there is a commitment, that’s the type of thing an independent candidate can do.”